Create the Bag of your Dreams with Gucci

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own Handbag? I mean one that you designed yourself? You choose the Color, the Material, the Model – and all that with the luxury of having the expertise of a well-known fashion … Continue reading

Streetstyle in London: Neon is back

Europe’s Cities will always be an immense influence on the fashion world – and so are it’s citizens. Especially in London, nearly everyone you see is well dressed and has a great sense of putting fresh things together to create … Continue reading

Trend-Look: Gipsy Galore

Oh man! I can’t wait till it’s warm enough to sport my favorite Look for 2013: Gipsy Galore! Straight off the Runway of Jean Paul Gaultier‘s Haute Couture Shows (see image below), the Gipsy Look is the perfect Celebration of … Continue reading

Trendcolor: Key Lime Pie

According to Christophe Josse, a light shade of Lime is THE color for upcoming Spring and Summer. The french Designer used it in his recent collection that he presented at the Haute Couture Shows in Paris. But since not everyone … Continue reading

Steal the Style: Victoria Beckham

From Posh Spice to successful fashion designer: Victoria Beckham stepped up her game and is now an acknowledged person of interest in the world of lifestyle. Her fashion line is going pretty well and her life in America seems to … Continue reading