Create the Bag of your Dreams with Gucci

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own Handbag? I mean one that you designed yourself? You choose the Color, the Material, the Model – and all that with the luxury of having the expertise of a well-known fashion label to do all the work? Well, Gucci makes it possible. With the “Made to Order”-Service of the italian-based Label, you can now put together your very own version of several classic Handbags, that fit your needs.


The exclusive Service is available in assorted Gucci-Stores all over the world and offers you to personalize your Bag just the way you want it. Choose from Base-Models like the New Bamboo or the New Jackie as well as all the Stirrup Bags of Gucci and add or leave out whatever you want. Different Leathers, Gloss-Finish or Flat, Metal-Details in Gold or Silver – mix and match just the way you like it!


My favorite feature to choose is the Initials you can have put on the inside of your bag. That way you really have a one of a kind Handbag, no one else will ever find in stores!

Find more information on the “Made to Order”-Service as well as Locations of participating Stores on


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