New York Fashion Week: Day 3

Once upon a time there were hundreds of Designers who all traveled to one place on earth – New York City – to show their crafts and magic. This Reunion was called Fashion Week and should last for seven days straight. But on the third day of Fashion Week, New York City was haunted by a big Snowstorm called Nemo, forcing every one to change from Highheels into Snowboots.

Thanks to the love of fashion worldwide, every one was kept safe and sound, so the merry days of Design could go on and on and happily ever after…or so. Anyway: Here are the Highlights of Day 3 ;)

One lovely dress after another strutted down the Runway at the Jill Stuart Fashion Show yesterday. One prettier than the other, with Skater-Skirts, ending just above the knee and in cute orange and red and classy black. Overflown with Lace and Ornaments. Yum!



Ethno-Chic at it’s finest was seen at Mara Hoffman’s Show on Saturday including woven capes, silky trousers and colorful patterns all over tunika like dresses. Absolute Must-Have of this Show? The Headpieces on the Hair! Gorgeous!




Head Designer Max Azria envisioned for Hervé Leger’s Fall/Winter-Collection 2013/14 a Winter-Wonderland, that requires a whole lotta Fur to keep us warm. Next to furry Collars, he also brought a 90ies-Trend back: Skirt over Pants (matching of course). My personal Highlight: Sporty Caps to shimmery dresses! I love this clash of Casual and Chic!





2 thoughts on “New York Fashion Week: Day 3

  1. I love all of your fashion week recaps! Very sweet introduction! Although I can report that the snowstorm didn’t keep women (and men) from wearing high heels during fashion week in the streets of new york. that’s a crazy time of the year in that city.

    • Thank you so much!! I can’t wait to see all your pictures from NYC (saw some Status-Updates on Facebook that sounded very promising like Man Repeller etc.). And yeah, of course, most of them still wore High Heels but I saw so many People who wore flats instead of heels on this day, who normally wouldn’t get out of bed for flats ;)

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