Wow-Brow: How to take care of your Eyebrows

They are not only there to protect us from Dust and Sweat – Eyebrows are also the frame to our face. Without them, we would feel naked and incomplete.

Although Brow is not like Brow and every Eyebrow grows individually, there are some tools and tricks how to maintain a certain look and keep your Brows perfectly groomed!


High Tech Tweezers
This little Helper from La-Tweez comes with an LED-Light to spot the slightest growth of unnecessary hair for $38.



Once you’ve got your brow, where you want it, you should make sure it stays that way with a transparent Gel like “Brow Set” by MAC Cosmetics for $16.


Add some Color
Eyebrows should always be a tad darker than your haircolor. Blondes will always have a problem achieving that. If you don’t want to dye your Brows permanently, you will find Bobbi Brown’s “Brow Kit” for $47 very helpful.


For some occasions, an Eyebrow needs a little bit more WOW! Natural-Eyebrow-Pencils from Shiseido for $20 each will help you here.


Reverse Action
If your Brows are too thinned out from plucking in the wrong spots for years you can be relieved: “Eyebrow Lipocils” by Talika for $42 can help you grow hair back, where ever you want it.



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