Trendcolor: Key Lime Pie

According to Christophe Josse, a light shade of Lime is THE color for upcoming Spring and Summer. The french Designer used it in his recent collection that he presented at the Haute Couture Shows in Paris.

Christophe Josse Haute Couture 2013
But since not everyone can afford an Haute Couture Dress –  and also since not everyone WANTS to wear Haute Couture in their daily life – I created a Lime-Look that is more comfortable, more ready-to-wear and less evening-gowny than the Runway-Version shown above. Enjoy your Key Lime Pie in a matching Beach Dress:


Key Lime Pie

Roksanda Ilincic Ball Gown
$1,390 –

Banana Moon Bikini
$105 –

Stuart Weitzman Leather Shoes
$298 –

J Crew Straw Tote Bag
$50 –

1928 Beaded Jewelry
$20 –

SCP Earrings
$19 –

Danielle Stevens Gold Necklace
$85 –

Grace Hats Summer Hat
$45 –


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