Best of Haute Couture Paris 2013

The Haute Couture Shows in Paris are always my personal highlight of the fashion industry. Gorgeous Gowns, amazing Artwork and one hell of a show are being presented each season by the best designers in the world. Let me show you my personal favorites of the Spring/Summer 2013 Haute Couture Shows.



Vauthier is not a No-Name: After graduating fashion school he immediately joined Thierry Mugler and moved on to Jean Paul Gaultier’s Couture Departement. His solo style is classy, strong and androgyn. My absolute favorite piece of his current Haute Couture Collection is the evening gown with the sheer chest part that makes it impossible for celebs to act like their “Nipplegate” happened on pure accident.



French Designer Mabille delivered sugar coated candy couture for this season. Cotton Candy Colors and Shapes and Bonbon-like Attire is her credo for 2013.




Karl, what did you do?! This has been the first Chanel-Collection that I completely disliked. I had a hard time, finding a dress, I really liked (shown above on the left). The only amazingness in this show was the phenomenal messy eye make-up by Make-up Artist Peter Philips, which was absolutely worth it, to be shown in this post.




Nothing absolutely stunning, nothing too dared, but consistent quality, that’s the spirit of this season’s Haute Couture Collection by Raf Simons for Christian Dior. I love love love the yellow dress with the smart cut-out on the thigh.




I don’t always have a hard time when it comes to quickly choosing my three favorite looks of a designer but when it comes to Elie Saab, I always get my panties in a twist over my Top 3. Again, I had to digest the whole lovely-lacey collection first, before I could settle on these dresses.


Party in the Front, Business in the Back! Giambattista Valli showed awesome Mullet-Dresses in Paris this week. Mostly Black with a hint of yellow, nude and lavender, the evening gowns and cocktail dresses all showed some serious poof! Best detail: the phenomenal lace-like fabric on the dress on the far right.




Iris van Herpen showed everyone off in Paris this past Week. Her Electric Human who was shooting lightning out of it’s fingers was a stunning show opener which was only to be topped by her outstanding creations around the topic of “Voltage”. Crazy, Gaga-esque and absolutely fantastic.


If a Gipsy and Madonna would have a love child it would be…Lawrence from Arabia. At least according to Jean Paul Gaultier, who showed almost a best of at his Haute Couture Show in Paris. While the Gipsy-Look is essential in this collection, the other focus lies on the Masterminds most famous Design: The Marine Look, which is this year just a little bit more psychedelic than usual.




After introducing the world to faceless models last season, MMM kept on the new tradition with a different version of Facemasks. Dresswise he went overboard with colors and prints this time. His Signature-Coat with A-Line and wide Shoulders got a new texture and a whole lotta glitter in 2013.


This Collection seems fresh out of a Lord of The Rings Movie. Elve-like dresses that invite you to dream of a fairytale land full of Hobbits and Adventures. Valentino did really, REALLY good on this one!


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