Schirach + Rosenthal

My good friend Benjamin Quirico recently launched his very first Menswear Label and I couldn’t be more proud. Schirach + Rosenthal is an innovative, young and aspiring new addition to the blooming Fashion World for Men.


The Vienna-based Label brought up an amazing first Winter-Collection with fabulous coats, Jumpsuits and Laze Shorts (TOTES AMAZE!). Check out his first Lookbook “Mama told me not to do this” and show his Facebook-Page some love with a nice little “Like”!

'Assassin's Creed' Coat by Schirach + Rosenthal

‘Assassin’s Creed’ Coat by Schirach + Rosenthal


Left: 'Salmon Guts' Poncho, 'No Leather But Lace' Shorts - Right: 'Heavy Cross' Double-Sided Poncho Shirt, 'Salmon Guts' Shorts by Schirach + Rosenthal

Left: ‘Salmon Guts’ Poncho, ‘No Leather But Lace’ Shorts – Right: ‘Heavy Cross’ Double-Sided Poncho Shirt, ‘Salmon Guts’ Shorts by Schirach + Rosenthal


'Ordinary Mission' Jumpsuit, 'Alice in Chains' Necklace by Schirach + Rosentahl

‘Ordinary Mission’ Jumpsuit, ‘Alice in Chains’ Necklace by Schirach + Rosentahl


Clean Closet' Bag, 'Dandy Overkill' Sports Tailcoat, 'Out Of Kilter' Drop-Crotch Pants by Schirach + Rosenthal

Clean Closet’ Bag, ‘Dandy Overkill’ Sports Tailcoat, ‘Out Of Kilter’ Drop-Crotch Pants by Schirach + Rosenthal


You can physically see, touch and drool over those designs in the Faux Fox Showroom in Vienna.

Picture Source: Schirach + Rosenthal, Photography by Tatjana Schmidt, Model: Tommy Goes Electro


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