New Methods against Sun Damage

Peeling or Micro-Needling: New Methods against the aftermath of an excessive sun-bath.

New Methods against the aftermaths of sun baths

Dryness, wrinkles, uneven tan or declined lift – those are the most common aftermaths of excessive sun-baths, where the sun protection was not good enough. But there are methods to ease the damage, that the sun has done on your skin:

Next to a solid tan, UV-Radiation in combination with changing hormones can lead to an increased melanin formation. The pigments, clearly visible and extensive, that are built in this process are called Melasma. Those pigments can be reduced with a chemical peeling, after an individually designed consultation. After this aggressive peeling, you are not allowed to use cosmetics, creams or soaps for a while, except for a high sun lotion.
Costs: from $470 onwards

Rosacea is a genetic related vascular inflammation, which is visible through popped veins on nose and cheeks. Too much sun increases the possibility that also inflamed zits can appear. Those are easily treatable with antibiotic creams. Single vasculars can be removed with a Neodym-Yag-Laser.
Costs: from $125 onwards

Droopy skin
The Intracel-Treatment, a combination of Micro-Needling and radiofrequency-treatment, lifts your face from the core. Countless little gold-needles are stamped at the same time and only for a millisecond in your skin, which causes the lowest layer of skin to heat up. The combination of a mechanical stimulus and heat is able to shrink the collagen fibre and stimulates the building of new tissue.
Costs: from $495 onwards

Dry wrinkles
Creased and dry skin on the décolleté is treated best with very liquid Hyaluronic Acid like “Juvéderm Ultra 2”. For an even result it is injected on the surface. This increases the production of  the body’s own Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen.
Costs: from $370 onwards

Cosmetics, that can reduce skin damage

Rosaliac AR Instense by La Roche-PosayRosaliac AR Intense by La Roche-Posey
helps with redness, $39.95







Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream by CliniqueEven Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream by Clinique
brightens dark pigments up, $42






Orchidée Impériale Crème Cou et Décolleté by GuerlainOrchidée Impériale Créme de Cou et Décolleté
remodels neck and décolleté, $420


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