Streetstyle Trend: Camouflage

The 90s are back: Neon-Accessoires, Platform-Shoes and even Camouflage is a big big topic again!

Double Camouflage

The best part about the whole 90s thing is, we can chose which things to bring back and which trends to participate. Cause I mean seriously, the 90ies were actually mostly horrible when it comes to fashion sense. Bellybutton-Shirts? Eww. Ghetto-like French Manicure on cat like nails? Double-Eww. And what was up with those fluffy Bra’s and Boots and Backpacks? I mean that shit was pure rave and mostly pure insane. And don’t get me wrong, I live for rave and I’m all up for colorful hair and Bling-Bling-Bindis on my forehead, but some things were just too much.

Camouflage Clutch

But Camouflage is one trend I am eager to participate in. It’s timeless look, it’s endless possibility to style and it’s grunge-punk kinda attitude really never got old. I mean imagine a business outfit with pumps and briefcase and even a blazer, broken with a studded Prada clutch like the one above? Classy with a piece of punk! Love it!

Camouflage Streetstyle



I managed to find some awesome Camo-Pieces by various labels and I’m happy to share my finds with you:


Streetstyle-Trend: Camouflage

Jersey knit dress
$185 –

Cotton shirt
$59 –

Long sleeve top
$290 –

Current/Elliott skinny jeans
$195 –

Ashish sequin skirt
$830 –

ASOS flatform shoes
$41 –

iPhone Case Tech accessory
$35 –


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