How is living in Berlin?

For this issue of “How is living in” I interviewed David Kreutzer, one half of the infamous Electro-Duo The Sexinvaders, how he enjoys Berlin. Read about his favourite places to eat, shop and party in Germany’s Capital City.

David Kreutzer is a DJ, Producer and a lovely lad

David Kreutzer is a DJ, Producer and a lovely lad

He is not only part of the awesome DJ/Producer-Duo The Sexinvaders but also became a very beloved friend to me. David Kreutzer is probably one of the kindest artist I’ve ever met in the music business and he is completely down to earth. Which is why I care about his opinion on where to go in Berlin.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany


How long have you been living in Berlin?

I moved to Berlin at the end of 2005. I changed my appartment once until now (end of 2010). Currently I am living in a place called Ostkreuz (Friedrichshain).

What do you love most about the city?
I love the versatility of the city and the fact that its still developing a lot. The look and feel changes alot all of the time. I like the out-going mentality and the internationality of the people!

Where is your perfect hideout to get away from your everyday stress?
I don’t really need hideouts. If I want to get away from my everyday stress I go out on the streets and drink a cappuccino at a small coffee shop and watch people in the street. That brings me down again.

What is the best tourist attraction in Berlin?
It might sound boring – but i really like our Televisiontower. Not on a T-Shirt but in real life. Just seeing this tower from every corner in Berlin makes me feel like i am at home!

Televisiontower in Berlin

Televisiontower in Berlin


And on the other hand, where do you go to avoid Tourists?

Tourists are really everywhere – except in the pure residental districts. But that’s not where you want to hang out. I am fine with the tourists. They belong to the city and they bring a lot of business opportunities.

Where is your favourit place to eat?
I like these restaurants in my hood: Schwarzer Hahn, Schneeweiß, Transit, Il Ritrovo…

Restaurant Il Ritrovo, Gabriel-Marx-Str. 2 in 10245 Berlin

Restaurant Il Ritrovo, Gabriel-Marx-Str. 2 in 10245 Berlin

Where do you shop?
I buy a lot on the internet but also in small shops in Berlin like Stereoki, Rotation, Awear, Above

Awear Shop in Berlin

Awear Shop in Berlin


Where do you party? 

As i play over 100 gigs a year, I dont go out partying that often.


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