How is living in Oklahoma City?

In my new series “How is living in…”, I will let people talk about the city they live in. They will tell you about their favourite places, where they shop, where they relax or where they eat.

Oklahomas Hottest DJ: Katie Wicks

Oklahomas Hottest DJ: Katie Wicks

This time Katie Wicks, one part of the DJ-Duo Crystal Vision,  from Oklahoma City will tell you guys, why living in OKC is a bliss.  I had the pleasure to meet Katie once at Robotic Wednesdays, the party she hosts with other talented DJs from OKC, and I have to say: She’s not only very good looking and an awesome DJ but also a really nice person, which is fun to hang out with.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City

How long have you been living in Oklahoma City?
I’ve been alive here in OKC for over 23 years now. I guess you could say all my life since I was born here. Literally 10 minutes from the house I grew up in. You would think with all my allergies I should have been raised in a big city without so much vegetation, but I guess that just means my past life bled into this one ;)

What do you love most about the city?
I could go on and on because usually I’m leaving somewhere and some incident happens that you wouldn’t see anywhere else or someone says something peculiar and it just makes you go “man, I love this place”. Yea I grew up here but I have traveled more than a lot of people I know and I’ve seen other cultures and Oklahoma definitely fits into its own category.

When you, let’s say, go to California, and you go to a show with someone famous playing that everyone knows and loves, well the people at the show you know they are obviously enjoying themselves but bring that big act to Oklahoma and all of a sudden you have a whole crowd that is DIE HARD into it and so glad that they are there. I guess in all reality it’s the hospitality that makes this place home for EVERYONE that comes through here.

It’s also a very calm place to be able to just sit at home and write music without you knowing something extravagant is going on that you’re going to miss throughout the weeks. A lot of little things are to appreciate here, we don’t have huge things happen here. We make huge things happen. It’s all about really making something of nothing all the time and that’s very inspirational for a lot of artists since it’s not just handed to you its dreamed up. IMAGINATION LAND lol.

Where is your perfect hideout to get away from everyday stress?

There’s no place like home, you know? But usually when I’ve gotten so stressed out that even my own home is a burden on my mentality I usually will drive with a whole pack of smokes and maybe a drink or two, until I feel like I need to get out of the car (or now just recently my Motorcycle). Oklahoma is a ALL OF A SUDDEN city then when you drive about 10/ 20 minutes east or west you suddenly have a calm field or no city whatsoever. This is a good break from the entire craze I have built my life around.

But when you say the PERFECT get away its usually me stock piling up on quarters and going to find myself an arcade and play until I reach into my pocket and realize I’m spent.

What is the best tourist attraction in Oklahoma City?

Every guest we have here in Oklahoma that has never been nor been very often, they always want to go see the Bombing Memorial or see what our downtown life is like since in every city its different. Really people are more taken back that we have only manmade lakes and really truly how flat Oklahoma is. Oh, also they almost ALWAYS want me to take them for BBQ. I will admit OKC does have some of the best BBQ. Especially the internet sensation “Mr. Sprigg’s BBQ”, that one always gets brought up so I think it’s a tourist attracttion now.

Bombing Memorial Oklahoma

Bombing Memorial: The Oklahoma City bombing was a terrorist bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Downtown Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. It would remain the most destructive act of terrorism on American soil until the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Mr. Spriggs BBQ Commercial that got viral on youtube a while ago.

And on the other hand, where do you go to avoid tourists?

You won’t usually find me hanging out too much downtown. I’m not too big on over commercialized places or being in high populated areas in the evening when I am an “off duty” DJ. I’ll go down to say what’s up to a few friends that aren’t off duty but other than that you can usually find me at a hole in the wall or a bar that is very kept in quiet & in the dark. That’s where I get a lot of inspiration because the people there are who they are they aren’t putting on any show to impress anyone around. They are there because they are who they are.

Where is your favourite place to eat?

This question was always hard for me because my taste changes all the time. Looking back in a book that I found as a kid it asked what my favorite food was and unlike most 8 year old it didn’t say pizza, or mac and cheese, it basically said “anything tasty” haha and I found that funny because that is EXACTLY how I still think today. And I have plenty of food allergies to go around so I really have to be careful anyways so I appreciate anything that isn’t half assed and served well (and for my steak served rare).

There are A LOT of local eats around here that range from all different types (like every other place on the planet). It also helps knowing a lot of people that either own or manage but even if you don’t, a lot of local places around here are quick to recommend a lot of good things for your taste they aren’t really appalled that you are taking forever or that you’re picky.

Where do you shop?

For me I usually get an idea of an outfit in my head and I will look online for something similar. Cause nowadays any kind of design or idea it’s probably on the internet. Also I am a cheap ass so I ignore what the designer tag says and look directly at the price tag. I’m always piecing together clothing and making it go from ordinary to interesting. I don’t want to stick out but I also never want to show up somewhere and someone has my entire outfit on which seems to happen to a lot of people. I guess my favorite place to shop is online. Cause I can literally hop out of the shower not give a shit about what I look like and be naked on my bed shopping all over the country. Honestly “shipping and handling” should stand for “saving you time and from having to deal with retailers”

Honestly in the future I can see online shops having these pop up virtual customer service reps asking you every 2 minutes if they could help you because I’m sure a lot of people try to escape that situation when they are socially awkward like me.

Where do you party?

Where do I party? Hmmm you know I get asked this a lot more than I can think. I save a lot of my energy for Wednesdays here in OKC (Robotic Wednesdays) I never want to show up a Wednesday and not have an even crazier time then I did before. A lot of people need to have someone else’s energy in order to really have a good time so I try to save up enough I can share it with hundreds of people to make sure they leave just as worn out and ready for the next week as I am. Honestly my idea of a party when im off duty is sitting at home maybe about 2 feet away from my television playing Call of Duty or any other FPS or even a bunch of time consuming life swallowing RPGs like The Elder Scrolls, Assassins Creed, or Diablo III

But if any of you are in town during the week hit me up for an unforgettable good time on a Wednesday night at Kamp’s for our party: Robotic Wednesday. I might event take you out to some good BBQ (or Mediterranean if you aren’t into the whole meat thing). Bring an extra Xbox controller because I’m sure I’ll take you down on a match to any FPS. Also check me out every single Saturday night 9pm to 12am on for my radio show I host called SPY LAB. Always a good time.


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