BB Creams: How do they work and which ones are the best?

A few months ago there was a huge hype over BB Creams, which started years ago in Japan. Now the whole world is in a BB Cream Rush, but do you know how they even work and what magic they do to your skin? And which products are keepers and which are just plain  rip-offs? See the answers below.

BB Creams (short for blemish balm) were first developed in Asia for women who lived up to the porcelain teint, which is so popular in asian countries. These creams were made to soothe, heal, and protect delicate skin with the added bonus of breakthrough invisible coverage to hide irritations without having to use any traditional concealers or foundations, which are usually heavy and not healthy for the skin’s pores.

Blemish Balms are lightweight coverage creams with sunscreen and other skin benefits like moisturizer, anti-age-ingredients and mattifying effects built right in. They’re traditionally offered in color shades such as “light skin” or “darker skin”, using a universal shade that blends into your skin tone perfecting and seamlessly covering redness instead of masking and clogging it the way a foundation does.

But what are the best BB Creams on the market, and which one is the worst?

Garnier BB CreamMy personal favourite is the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector, not only because of its price benefit ($13) but also of its light coverage, that easily blends in your natural skin color. It is a perfect way to cover red spots or uneven skin in the summer time since it is not clogging your pores and feels like a normal daycream. However, the coverage could be a teeny-tiny bit better.




Clinique Age Defense BB CreamAnother very good product is the Age Defense BB Cream by Clinique. The $37 Cream is perfect for oily skin, since it has excellent mattifying effects. Also notable is the SPF 30 that protects your face from burning up in the hot summer sun. For pale faces as me, this cream is the optimum, since it’s lightest shade fits perfectly to people with very fair skin.




Diorsnow UV Shield BB CrèmeHigher priced ($50) but as good as a regular foundation is the Diorsnow UV Shield BB Crème by Dior. It’s coverage is phenomenal and fixes all the little uneven spots on your skin. Still, it is a very light cream that blemishes your skin and makes your face look even and smooth. It’s texture is creamy and easily to blend into your natural skin color.





Nude Magique BB Cream by L'OréalI’ve tried the Nude Magique BB Cream Blemish Balm of L’Oréal ($15) and it felt like sandpaper on my face. It’s liquid consistence makes it hard to use it like a cream and it’s coverage is barely existent. This BB Cream has little color parts (thats the sandpaper part) in a normal day cream lotion (thats the liquid part) and the more you put on your face (because of non-existing coverage with only one round of applying) it get’s harder to blend into your own skin color. It leaves marks and is a real nightmare to use.


6 thoughts on “BB Creams: How do they work and which ones are the best?

  1. As for the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector I couldn’t agree with you more. Tired of looking “made-up” and the masquerade-feeling normal foundations left on my skin I tried the Skin Perfector and am absolutely happy with it: the texture is light, my skin feels well nourished and protected and the tone blends perfectly with the tone of my skin. Whatever is left of irritations and red spots is easily covered with a fingertip of concealer.

    • So true! By the way, I always use Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat for covering red spots. I like the light-weight texture! It will be featured in a later post, where I present the 25 best beauty must-haves!

      Thanks for reading :)
      xx Kat

  2. I like Missha “M Signature Real Complete BB Cream” best. It provides very good coverage, can be layered to provide even more coverage (I haven’t touched a concealer since I bought this cream), moisturizes well and it’s the only one I’ve tried that doesn’t irritate my skin. My skin is a real diva :)
    The downside is, I have to order it from Japan everytime because it isn’t available in Europe… so chances are I might try this Diorsnow cream you mentioned. I’ve made good experiences with Dior in the past, so I hope my skin will like it :)


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