How is living in New York City?

In my new series “How is living in…”, I will let people talk about the city they live in. They will tell you about their favourite places, where they shop, where they relax or where they eat.

Naomi Bowler

Sunshine Girl and NY-Citizen Naomi Bowler


For the first post, I asked my good friend Naomi Bowler a few questions. She recently moved to Brooklyn, New York City from Zurich, Switzerland and started a music school in the Big Apple.

Skyline of New York City

Skyline of New York City


How long have you been living in NYC?
I just moved here for good about two months ago. Before that I was always just here a few weeks at a time.

What do you love most about the city?
That it’s the city of opportunities. That it’s its own little world. That you can find whatever the heck your heart desires, you just have to know how to find it. Wether it’s a foot fetish party or any kind of food in the world. Also, that there are about 9 million people in one city and you’re never alone. Everyone has something in common and yet everyone is individual. And that most people mind their own business and don’t give a shit how you dress or what you do for a living. I find it the city of self-expression.

Where is your perfect hideout to get away from your everyday stress?
The beaches in south Brooklyn! Or Prospect Park for a park-hang-day.

Brighton Beach in South Brooklyn

Brighton Beach in South Brooklyn

Prospect Park Lake in Brooklyn

Prospect Park Lake in Brooklyn

What is the best tourist attraction in NYC?
The Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, the gazillions of shows and museums and art galleries… depends on what you find pleasant.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

The Wonder Wheel on Coney Island

The Wonder Wheel on Coney Island

And on the other hand, where do you go to avoid Tourists?
I live in an area where there are no tourist at all, ever (Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn) and I mostly stay in Brooklyn. So for me tourists aren’t something I have to avoid most of the times.

Where is your favourite place to eat?
Tina’s in Bushwick!

Tina's Restaurant in Bushwick

Tina’s Restaurant is located between Bogart St & Forrest St in Brooklyn

Where do you shop?
Small boutiques in Williamsburg or whatever I discover walking around in Manhattan.

Where do you party?
Wherever people advise me to go, haha. Wether it’s a warehouse party or a club in the lower Manhattan. I’ve turned more into a bar person since I moved here but ‘Verboten’ is a party I’d like to check out. Supposed to be the kind of Deep House music I love space to out to now and then!


Picture Source: Bilderfang,, Ocenfront Hotels,,


6 thoughts on “How is living in New York City?

    • I will ask Naomi to answer your question, since I’ve never lived there. Although I don’t think it is ever possible to get fond of a city like NY.
      Thanks alot for adding me to the site, that means a lot to me :)

      Thanks for reading,
      xx Kat

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