The secret fashion treasures of Vienna

Ok, I promise. This will be the last Vienna-Post for a while but trust me, it’s worth reading. While I was in Vienna to attend the opening exhibitions of Summer of Fashion at the Museumsquartier, I got invited to visit a sacred place in the heart of vienna: The Mode Depot Wien.

Here, in a two-story building, lies the history of fashion. 22700 little and bigger treasures, categorized and stored in drawers and cupboards, from the last three centuries. The Clothes, Accessoires, Shoes and tools there are able to recreate the fashion history of the 18th, 18th and 20th century and are mostly lend to exhibitions. Until 2014, the ladies of this Mode Depot need to categorize, fotograph and store each and every item they have in stock, for an online enzyclopedia of the history of fashion called Europeana.

I am not allowed to tell you where the Mode Depot is exactly and sadly it is also not open for public. So enjoy the pictures I’ve made with my iPhone.

Mode Depot Vienna

Dresses from the 18th Century till now, in all color ranges and variations

Mode Depot Vienna

An old Jacket from the 18th Century

Mode Depot Vienna

18th Century Wear: A Gown, with detachable sleeves and a boy’s frock coat. Look at the damages in the armpits. That’s cauterization caused by perspiration.

Mode Depot Vienna

The top half of a two-piece-gown. The beads are all sewn on individually.

Mode Depot Vienna

Those tools were used to not only crimp or lock or straighten hair but also to pleat fabric.

Mode Depot Vienna

Parasols for Women

Mode Depot Vienna

An every day dress from the 18th Century and various purses and coin bags

Mode Depot Vienna

This was probably my favourite drawer: Hundreds of Earrings from three different centuries, all labeled and ordered in a color range

Mode Depot Vienna

A handmade fan

Mode Depot Vienna

Dresses from the 70ies and collars

Mode Depot Vienna

The wierdest piece of the whole collection: Fingertips-Shaper, to form normal fingers into lady-like hands (it actually did not work but did hurt as much as you imagine right now – the ladies of the 18th century wore those the whole night while sleeping)


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