Interview: Benjamin Quirico about being a Stylist, Designer and editor in chief of a magazine

Benjamin Quirico

He is a Stylist, an editor and one of the nicest person I’ve ever met: Benjamin Quirico

The fashion industry is more and more making room for young and individual talents and makes it easier for them to step a foot into the business. One of those talents is Benjamin Quirico, which happens to be one of my best friends for many years. Since he is currently working nonstop in viennas fashion scene as a stylist, organizes various shows and events at the Summer of Fashion, founded the lifestyle magazine FAUX FOX with a group of friends and now even designes a Menswear Collection for young designer Magdalena Adriane, I decided to ask him a few questions about his life.

Benjamin, why did you decide to work with fashion?

Well, I’m gay but neither skinny nor gifted with a talent for hairdressing. Gotta stick with the stereotype somehow, right?

You are a stylist, a designer and you own a magazine. How did you get to where you are now?

I’ve had some tough years full of doing nothing but drugs and boys. You know best, you’ve been there with me. But everybody’s gotta grow up some day. I’m lucky I have great parents who took matters into their own hands and sent me to Budapest to settle down, live with my granny for a while and they payed for fashion college. There I’ve discovered my workaholic-side, i guess. I’m happy with being busy and creating things that make the world a bit more beautiful for some people. Even if it’s just trivia like fashion. As I’m not an idealist, I don’t feel like being responsible for world-peace. I just wanna do my thing. And if I get payed for it – even better!

What are the key elements for a good stylist?

That’s not an easy question to answer. You definitely gotta have a sense for aesthetics and kind of an eye for „the big picture“. It’s not really something you can learn or even define. It might be somehow like being a good parent. You would want your child to turn out the best, before you’re ready to release it into the world.

Why did you start your own magazine?

One of my best friends asked me if I was interested in starting an online blog for fashion and arts and stuff. Just for the fun of it. One thing led to another, suddenly we had a team of six and enough content for a whole magazine. Maybe it was naive and blue-eyed megalomania or whatever. But we just decided to get into print.

What are you doing during a typical day of work?

Best thing about being self-employed is the possibility of autonomous time managment. I’m kind of a night-worker. So during daytime I’m mainly checking business-mails, coordinating dates, etc. You know, the boring stuff that needs to be done. In the night time I’m writing my texts for FAUX FOX Magazine, Volume Magazine and PR-stuff for companies and designers. My work is mostly based on writing these days. The actual fashion styling stuff has turned into a nice hobby for inbetween more and more.

How do you organize a fashion show? Where to start, where to end?

Depends on budget and occasion, of course. But it’s more of a managing and organizing process than it seems! You have to think about like fucking EVERYTHING. Starting with booking the location, casting the models, fitting the clothes, developing a styling/choreography/concept for the show itself, (if you’re unlucky) organizing shoes and accessoires, pre- and reviewing the musical choices with designers and DJs, managing the chaos in the backstage-area, etc. Basically, what you’re being is everybody’s bitch. But in the end you know: It wouldn’t have turned out the way you wanted it to be, if it wasn’t for your own blood, sweat and tears. That’s what I meant before with being a stylist is like being a parent.

You recently designed a Menswear Collection for the viennese designer Magdalena Adriane. How did this collaboration take place?

I’ve known Magdalena for quite a while now and she became one of my favourite people in the world. I don’t actually recall the exact dialogue anymore – we might have been drunk, who knows? But I think she simply asked me if I wanted to help her with designing her first men’s wear collection.

Did you ever learn how to design clothes?

I’ve had some classes in fashion design and fashion sketching, yes. But I’ve never seen myself as a designer. I’m too eager for that kind of work. It’s so cool I’ve been given the chance to get my own collection produced and I’m totally excited and happy, of course! But I wouldn’t want to do this as my every-day job.

Where did you get your inspiration for your collection?

For the „Chapeau Claque“ designs I was trying to combine basic cuttings and details of old french military uniforms with the British Dandy look, as Quentin Crisp is one of my huge inspirations in life generally. Paired with Magdalenas ideas and a bit of a modernized touch you get to the collection as it is today.

This is probably the most asked question in interviews. But the fashion industry is a fast moving wheel of fortune so this needs to be answered: What are your goals in life? Where do you want to be in 10 years?

One of my favourite quotations coined by Marilyn Hoggart is „I’m not basically unhappy.“ That’s enough for once, isn’t it? I’m having tough times with planning the future. Struggling with the present and cleaning up after the past is hard enough. My life is fine as it is right now. Much better than ever expected a few years ago.
Who’s your favourite Designer?

This changes every day. But in general for women’s clothing i love love love Haider Ackermann‘s work. He is one of the greatest and most underestimated designers of our time, I think. For men’s wear there’s the hungarian taylor Sandor Lakatos who I totally adore. He brings men’s clothing to another level.
What’s your favourite Style?

Harem pants and oversized shirts, combined with a vintage suit jacket and heavy boots, all in black, is a nice look. Plus: I hate everything denim. It’s so repulsive! So take my advice, everybody: Never ever wear jeans!

See below Benjamin Quirico’s Menswear Collection for Magdalena Adriane:

Benjamin Quirico for Magdalena AdrianeBenjamin Quirico for Magdalena AdrianeBenjamin Quirico for Magdalena AdrianeBenjamin Quirico for Magdalena AdrianeBenjamin Quirico for Magdalena AdrianeBenjamin Quirico for Magdalena AdrianeBenjamin Quirico for Magdalena Adriane


Photo Credit: Laura Karasinski</e


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