Beach Beauty – What’s in your bag?

Enjoy the summer – but enjoy it responsible. Treat your Skin and Hair with those necessary beauty items, that should be in every Beach Babe’s Bag!


Are you counting the days till you see the beach again? Or are you staying where you are and enjoy the sun at home (like me)? For both occasions you need following items (next to plenty of water) to protect your body from burning up:

Sun Care

From left to right:
Sometimes Sweet Beach Tote by Quiksilver, $ 49.50
Monobrow Glasses by Henry Holland for Le Specs, $ 89
Sun Screen Lotion SPF 70+ by Sun Bum, $ 16
Sun SPF 45 Targeted Protection Stick by Clinique, $ 19
Suncare Protective Hair Veil by Aveda, $ 30
Shimmer Effect After Sun Lotion by Hawaiian Tropic, $ 6.99


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