Summer of Fashion in Vienna

I am currently on a business trip in Vienna for the start of the Summer of Fashion in the Museumsquartier.


Its so good to be back in this lovely city (I lived here for years) and once I meet my dear friends, its like Ive never been gone at all. Thats how you know, the friendship is meant to last forever.

Tomorrow is the big press day where I am going to visit two exhibitions as well as a fashion show organized by one of my best friends Benjamin Quirico so theres a busy day ahead.

I am going to write a big article for my employee annabelle but I am sure I can take some time to tell you all about this glorious Summer of Fashion in Vienna on here too.

Now Im off to bed, so I am well rested for tomorrows adventures.


PS: Excuse the appearance of my post, I am working on my iPad and the external keyboard does not let me use apostrophes at all.


4 thoughts on “Summer of Fashion in Vienna

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