Fashionable Hiking with Bleu de Chauffe and FrenchTrotters

First of all: I am not a big fan of any physical activities and I hate hiking. But these fancy items, that I found in my inbox this morning, could be a reason to at least try this whole outdoor-thing.

The French Label Bleu de Chauffe teamed up with the Store FrenchTrotters to present a fashionable way of Hiking Gear such as Backpacks, Leather Straps for the Camera and – for those hikers out there, who can not leave their favourite gadget at home – an iPad-Cover. All of these Items are made in France, with natural organic leather and cotton canvas and with a high standard of quality.

Bivouak Backpack

Bivouak Backpack, available in the colors Indigo, Marron and Chamois, $292


iPad Case

iPad Case Topo, $218


Camera Strap

Camera Strap Cordée, $118


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