Pastel Goth

Chanel Cruise Collection 2012/13

Chanel Cruise Collection 2012/13

Even Karl Lagerfeld showed Models with pastel haircolors on the runway for Chanel’s Cruise Collection 2012/13, which is just another proof that the Pastel Goth Style is becoming more and more hyped.

I still enjoy the Look of a “witchy my little Pony lover” myself, which is why I arranged a little mood board/style inspiration for you.

Pastel Goth

Cotton tank top
$24 –

J brand jeans
€340 –

Jeffrey Campbell platform shoes
$78 –

Canvas backpack
£24 –

LK Designs black jewelry
€97 –

VeraMeat double finger ring
$110 –

Cross stud earrings
$25 –

Christys vintage hat
€69 –

Rebecca Minkoff sunglasses
$230 –

Cat shirt

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